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This training hub was developed to help people globally understand better ways to raise and farm chickens ethically.

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Daniel OBrien is a business and farming consultant specializing in marketing strategy. His books, podcasts and Youtube videos have been viewed, read and listened to by millions of people in over 60 countries around the globe.

Daniel's History

After leaving school at 15 years old he started breeding chickens and selling them locally. He worked on various small scale poultry farms as well as a million acre cattle station. At 21 he took him self away from farming to study marketing and then at 24 years old he started a certified organic free range egg business with 2000 hens. With in 14 months he was distributing his eggs to 3 states of Australia and supplying some of Sydneys top restaurants. He is a cofounder of Chicken Caravan a company that designs and manufactures mobile chicken sheds. For the past 9 years Daniel has helped farmers in 16 countries start success egg farming business large and small. 


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“I have known Daniel for several years he has helped us with a very valuable advice over the years that has helped us build a successful and profitable egg farm. Just one piece of his advice helped to make an extra $4000 on something that I was doing. I would encourage anyone that wants to start a free range egg farm to get coaching from Daniel and his team”

Shane Ellis Applebox Farm Victoria Australia

“Daniel has been instrumental in helping us refine our pastured egg business. His experience and willingness to help has enabled us to find many efficiencies and improvements in our processes as well as trouble shooting when things haven’t quite gone to plan! Daniel has a deep knowledge of the egg business and we value our ongoing relationship with him”

Adam Walmsley, Buena Vista Farm

“I have had the pleasure of having Daniel as a great support in my farming endeavors not only with the innovative products he has produced but the insights and wealth of knowledge he is willing to share in the name of better farming practice. Daniels experience and attitude towards farming has certainly been of great help for me on the ground as a farmer”

Andrew Cameron, Byron Grass Fed

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